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1653 East Main Strast 
Rochester, New York 14609 

QO, Edison Tapers 



Thomas E. Jeffrey Theresa M. Collins 
Lisa Gitelman Gregory Field 
Gregory Jankunis Aldo E. Salerno 
David W. Hutchings Karen A. Detig 
Leslie Fields Lorie Stock 
Robert Rosenberg 

Director and Editor 

Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 
Bethesda, MD 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company 

Thomas A. Edison Papers 
Rutgers, The State University 
endorsed by 
National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
18 June 1981 

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the microfilm may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any 
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University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historie Site 
at West Orange, New Jersey. 

ISBN 0-89093-703-6 


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Paul B. Israel 
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New Jersey Historical Commission Bernard Finn 
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Susan Hockey, University of Alberta 
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Peter Robinson, Oxford University 
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Merritt Roe Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 



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A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 


Reel duplication of the whole or of 
any part of this film is prohibited. 
In lieu of transcripts, however, 
enlarged Photocopies of selected 
items contained on these reels 

may be made in order to facilitate 

Notebook, N-07-03-19 

This notebook covers the period March-May 1907. All entries are by 
Edison. The book contains notes regarding projects to be undertaken and 
hypotheses to be tested, along with other theoretical speculation pertaining 
to the properties of electricity. Included are entries relating to x-rays and "xyz 
rays," the electromotograph, storage batteries, and incandescent lamps. 
Several of the ideas were tested, and the results are noted by Edison 
marginalia. The book appears to have been used primarily at Fort Myers, 
Florida. The front cover is labeled "Experiments & Theory." The book 
contains 198 numbered pages. 

Manech 19 1907 

Une Radium nean ounface of chalk of Emq 
dead ohuttlér, ofso'f get sounde, Try a fot of 
matter, metafs, ond oxsceo ef, Poaorbhy oer 
nacdotions nof lucoverabfe oy Efec, Phate, 
Try X vray tabes and faft-zle 0 AvffeneviA- 
chemicals te wat chalk, 

Ashen 9 a Alress m a chadkectse Uma movement . 
sac of molecufes He pro bable a chatk wet well 
mon-condrs wish atfer friction are emq 

4 See tt Xray Weldcorw le offers cap Miarite 
2 in qleerTirboes of any frayaid : 

x x maqves- 
G gfuse doh te 

Cry itoize in ynagqnelce 
peed, fort bslween Aish 

and magq 

RET rennet a ss 


Crysta Rize ffourescerit and phosphovecent — 

wy stoto in closed Geox in dead dark , abaorbing 

woter with 1,504 = Ure cofol sokunoteol 
solitons, Vhen see mor penne 1.x 

vou and yadium 


Run doum uty Afferent jd, on hides 
qave Ofack renga on phatgha Mouvercent 
Cy ee 

See woth Lead point on chemical paper 

a P P 
qn Gfack mourks on Cothode, vrs 


We Aodiwm pals neon pure Bumrem bwne 
ome, wre Apedwoscope, Vaen Ler yay amd, 

ees sivike enyotals anole rf on omy Wadivcns 

moecwles ane sehr off and Aruwn inte 

Hame, “dry Thatleam, Aithivm 


| 4 
See rf eLbsorplion specirum of roftione se 
Changed oy x yay and Radium paosma 

AR ough sfrarght and ak night amafea 
ore when pubtect To KX and maqnelism 
und CheZvre Alyess ao woe, ; 

.--nclole Moya PAP 

Rus set taps all cpnbonahens tor E elso 
dry XYZ Watrumertts, Em 

Sie eee 
xyz Keg 
po + Em 

Wing ufalwig ao lhey 
Aaque the 

- és a th Ze . s - 

ee ff OK, 0; ean be clepooitedt on bofiol potiohed 
anctof Nicke? for instance to permit of eledtrolqhic 
vedlifiey Ty Berra ffium , 

: 13 
Exper oments to neutiehrze— Caryyinig im. 
incandescent Jamyps. 

< Bedty Exceecto Voltage of Liwep 

Inelafhic Shade - 


| With center wwrve see of Eig will lelect cacilfafions 
| make ceriler wire of Afferent metab see 

: 4 Secondeny Quvrnent mevaasect- 

dry cP Benzo ce melathe efedtrodes one bance * 
re orev eoctted with a sofia hubsionce by 
ALpping m ao welled sofictron of . subamce 
Utaich Avoolves w Bengof, = Use. wlerwitent 
break XUZ4E + EIN mitvumeris. 

iz Aro try CP Ocetone Onwhy Cine H, Soy 

(He melted Orqanic balls which will vhng 

Te heclrade ushen dipped thevin 

“ory various mélafs. 
7 : 

dry precipitating intubes ima helix Atle powerful - 

mMaqnelic poses. also prepare cofovack precipiiates 

‘om dead dank Any Kiem + nale color im 


WMekeenyotatisel rans m the dank. 

ez if ean peteatien Ofuameniem ses A jatiows 

- with Concdernsev eorilact, deycten -~Adla 

Cora. Magnesium + miteds eshich que . 
shite qht, - Make affoys. metals see f 
Can yougity Aecide /o of each, 

Re fe I 

2 neta SERS SESS Sie ot adioeestiareeeras a, so 

Aree 4 maqneéelic dines oer purface tension 
a Anop, Afenevit chemicals, aso Aes 
of dffernt fiqursclo m coupill ary Tarbes 

Mert coat capillary lube 
wah qofd, Avide F um 
2 halurvo ecannecf fo £ 
XYZ cle dee vf shress atlers 
Capi Mraicly- 
dH oweff- {faoh with Brutyhide eanbon Mhen 
hect <fee Sumace tube 

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uw canbennze re “Mp tn eleduice furnace 
7 7 / 
Aus . “y\ 

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Run dewn achon hol Linseed oon bamboo 
Sho To make rem efashic Lite rubtut 

‘ 24y 
i Apply nadimm Aube 4 pot vith ffower 
stalk ydee vn Aume ff Kills A ov affects 
KX 4ke a human 4 

Ea oS EN : 7 

Grow a ume m o pot im dark and waley t 

wih Chicrophyf yusee from queen pharf, 
Use Peas, 

Ory effect of Radium on ants olf. ool 

Neat wm fab odes with ¥ ray Tube oy 
perfect Vae ot end of Alewnae 
Osseo Ula viofel haft Shiking lle, 

Aee 4& menearses Aensitiveness 

WW nrefeas ee 7 eee with Tuning fork 
Affached cach Af Tune with Aomper on fork 
alse Newmaloy Tumed Ts right ndéte, : 

vy ofuisminiun 5 ar en m olvncs hers 
as See Aauncded with: moisture, or 
Ofuminun Any “reel Prev coded with . 
poate of phe +Caonbonale Boda omel perhaps 
Conk S (ranli id 


40 Fs Oe ae qood— Mou sa 



Sang slroviha Sanlsowale eyfimoler eeeslined: 

Goh umenals Soda. na oe 
Ey , 
ccluwats of AN NiaieHuhaiineniaantupiouas 
ts docks Wine aciol conciehons form Unede 
of TelFaethyl and eve bwals heme , 
32 . . _ 
Mecoune ies elaex of venous magqnelites 
notinaf ond wdificial und a UenLeike: waya, 
- 33 
Mangancera aKeys which one maquelec 
Wy and make Gy chemieof precipitation 
: Adte Chromium 
| 3 | 
Dry Camone- Coff sith, porous partion, Afferent 
wasd om esther side. diaht, heat nels 
fee x Radium ee ae pone or) To 
Caure, aoe Acffucion= fa ctect AL pricosune 
ure Utube falled with x Liquid, 
of Lraeicte Waller best eonductor of heat 
the woarsf ane cerlain Ethers Ethyfene.. 

—rrrinsole Oma? Lockicle Ethel Yochiole. 

es oe a3 of of fer 

‘a [Vi are buy? | Ce, 

a Dewes 

out | 


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Jettacbfaride of Corben fur Use. asec qavcfenc. 
fure Edtlinguisher im Garrages try éxpervment 

. 37 : 
4@E umch rode” bia in powerful Rrehix 

Silver oAisk ecrbun foveecd de sibusy Gy hydvafie 
(asl ouenn Jioca ov Mu 

herme elong Chummunwum, dion , onol 
other bars, vibralurs connesled each Merme 
Oy Mirvow oloumomder s VYlaus make on 
One ot one end ree how quick heaf’ fours 
hse try ome enc vid hots sudden quewch 

Sink Cation effect will Ge shown on 

. atlimating onc by ceteris Pa Nic 
a qaluanomeler omc Whence 45 poheathed 

= A : 1 He held nean onc 44y UlGa Violet hiqht- 
shrkes “A, 


4 um vacuum ches 

Oe Ag en ae 

x yay The - 

Probaoly the Ahdes of cryotals willl ack 
poper ond faid om Any pfale ancl expose Vo 
Sun that run will Cawe come evyatals 
te qivt a vray which usd penelvate Me. 

aper and Hecovel— Use Apo mesh sereen 
oven olny plate , bso try wd Thacksie 
aoa da Vabe ancs— 

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ferhape a short cot asf to He. CE Beas 

Spock, Uibratov or Key like of zMense z powerful 
a\oraqe batleny und we encling ma oheel of 
mekof held oven. Kricher Pre sfrcles bema Paris 
om grounded table pnoduce Cfouneocence— 
4 ewyslads ane Tuning fork of high vate 
Poaorbhy eryorats arch on enh ow 
Goan and maqnagd re cfick WN qe 
hiah nate 

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hefix, very Jos nesvatence, make and Greak 
x OU ure? alvo Aeyden jor . 

ty os 
“Soke o plank and eowneck a plots rv ry 
nok and Codfeny and pot Ain Lai? nound 
"x, Use Two plows pet eunent Hrroidh 
each plamt in cifferent olnedion 
Ema adhiow oo Aap. 

Mirek be atsfe Kam radiant light he 
Etrer wt Eee ov XUZ Gy we of me Lathe 
pole und proper efeclvohife, 

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re Mien an absorber Obs ure gofd 

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; AG 
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ened ouh, or UlGra ned arike. one pofe. 
‘uUliva usefet he other, posrbly wh ro 
Jleceumg Ga violet A will oxi Auye. . 
wre Ns Ott pan V3 oer pole, porsbfy dhermo 
of Z Vacuour depoated metals, Ua | 
violet ase Mrroudh ome, and Hed through 
the v OM he aboue co Gel To 

qe XYZ hence fr1y Voriows Hecewwers _ 

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47 ; 
Chases eeff Vacuows Aeport oe sickle, 
Afferent metals Putsche unvside, Sight dunes 

give zc XYZ 

“gested Rey 1407 ate of Cok onl Lae | 40 : 
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A Concdewrer anound nesay make £ Mugqquh 
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+ Efacly. Pres and dan ceviteneusty 
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Ww WMuattipfe but wit Goeth pofes og 
the 3 mek wm Zn Soe, 

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will how Wot a wave snes oun we ie Seine 
Currents right rend eae by rears 
attanndvons Goken wp wis Acts ow wnrmoufoti)| 
wuies whe pea, posdibty fumeunum 
veAifrer 4 cells sliyfe = avy weieless hus 

Poasiel Wurekeos ams ik work on The 
Cited cable, as Vets on Afric af 


. induction ag of 

tanec cin 4 ed Ate f f xyz TAY comes 
: wit gold feof, fp fr sto plate ano 
seus ory Pensel ele . 

See f X rau or Waa ins uw mars on hear 
or Sofie when name ANS Wa hehix 
ov Uedne sfreog hulled, hof, 


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Sound pose rety ADa aed by oe ak 

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pete hoot. | ; 

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Ms. Ma coh ih Recrofyfe vay linen 
on ciMMaede ov omode, on Cunnent passa 
and deporting, aay Aime Wre rey shining 
MW ance cv crMrode wih, Muder, 
prose cof how Uduclance eof uith ov withoul 
ui, poserbly umm nedifa wet ov 
possibly Any Posse ovme meal, awe off 
ory rol will athe Me friction. 

XYZ elf. Jodme ov Bromine Arrkued 
m wadstone Mrquicde, Ai ferent metals 
Ase edtrodes = viloveloy week, @maq XYZ 
VECEwEery, poroibhy Canbon e efecivade 

ao ds not atacked waht wre Tyne ht Cac 

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“bry cylinders one FRucvereenis 
anck phe. ome ree eect of ds qhch, ¥~ 

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try Ciscn ect ow pledimum, Junqolen, 
Savhad dum hammer, 

Howe Kuo kurrent with CS. Teed” 
Leave Turmace 

Sauert Oriphatt, AWweekt with Sulphur 
hoe Aowk melS, 

62 : 
HL Vrreacl dip tr rophatt outphunye. 
mem Aumes anch Adp many tunes 

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then clip aophablt sulphunize ve prefmn 
+ricdupor 30 om, wflead sulphur m 
dneat each Time NO, ov hof 

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Runs Aunieled Ww Anmwmenia ele 
alse humus claor ral zeal Guy hot Snef. 
try Wily Sulfide ' 

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sheet RKeckroches AY ach heat qnicity Cuyatelige 


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urhene he ray styukes 

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try hig speed of volahon oo effect may be. 
very ahrort ohso Use ShuMer 


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qe branaks, 


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pore Arvaht thie ee ae nm $2 otso 
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Aurectiue force viorthtronetbl talons 
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oq wd, smooth ev yatals om promt of- 
prcosure dys oF tinstcccl of maoteaf, 

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ound 36 mech Corpslhravy witts He wm uae . 
IS 1 erodes sealed in bulb cap Kany 
The Vaanefrom Yau changes capillary cof 
73 . ; 
Medway a picdnumn wure codh Roop ok” Cand 
om ustiich wma Pat qwimey Spectrum 
ey x + Radu - 

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heck, ; 

157 , 


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dAonge vellage, a CeM,- XYZ vee ele 
5 Vv kes one cel Amtachs balance, 


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Vrem Cry & XK Rad+ XYZ. 

XYZ Reeewer a we dipping wis 
non-efeTvehite with a dnop of efeclrofyte af 
Ws end. 

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de a cap ff ny Fee with feclrofile anct 
wnmeved mn Non efectrofite— Ait, ‘ewalty. 
Gamche membrane cus mot of Tube 
 ¢d . 
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abe wre eoMrodes and omuder Sherer wetals 
“Pounancems enuotals Cowfarning smo | 
aduurplone of uo ool Shen magnelize, vibrvelz | 
X Rad 
alescence m mn by anedi pilates 
§ un” ach om alf ee eas cunnenf. 
7 ee re ee 

ry x Red ow ucreveenh evysls UA t ths 
utivch do not acfon ery Pals, try AGenenT 


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anc high, otferwearncho Veoh For bihuev 

; Keep onc on one hour 
Pete Wiangancese. teak for Cobalt 3 
a Copper « *  Syluer pictina 
Yrewrdubphur “ Gof. 

: 37 
Ace if dine spectrum changed by oubyeching 
ans prom Ts X vay Redrinne WMagqneltou 
Ley ve Nicos 

ee 1 Geam Right deffected vow pofohed 
Aunhace of wiany mach ond offous Y had 
mace we CleeTric furnace. when powerfull 
maqudlgd | 

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WM Aniieds Covuneccled te Gof, Ean XYZ Reve 
xyz . 

Cof doima work on uon and qm A Cuonn 

oppocrile Me emeng ying Quvnrenl’ anol a Wovaqe 

omens giving aA cument jut Vne nevivge. 

qfase wi, helix, Arfonent 
Arquss cho for idaho 

Oko buttons made Gy. ane have. 

\nofe Gortd wm and fre lip. wound 
heosk Ror mdluchion , uokout oome maytake hours, | 
to change $ AK Ty without hofe om plan heh | 
Keep m hour, CSS — Arquideo - | 
x Rurcrescentt cry ste 

Fae. X 

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See, f neyutor test ceff Norage Gatlin es 
atfecteol cohen m helix ov fron. Ried 
X ov Rar im wre qhass ee also Gy igGt, 

Wor offered — 


x permanevthy maqnelied pleef 
maquel, prate cron ow fa 
wih eof ree 4 qx Conslant mduchive Qunent chue- 
Xs acceasnon often, We wnervor qa. 

# wmagnele reff d tin Aucdhcon a ot fe | 
of Vhe fawn ees (cane os aed won enneuck” 
An * one oof pachwces m Moo of Aecouh 
a cue 320 feet will Take 16 wminctes to 
duchange H hours f 1180 feet wre wuie 
made. ep of A\roncds frevert Facanls— 
3 oe proportioned To work on beat 
pork the rchundtion cuws should. qive ~% 
Alerage Godfary Yo Hoot on SHtrect RR 
CrvennG where Ae aes wanes 

gue anuncites 
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e 2 flies ques a. fick 

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unpack of madohse ‘om 
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of Zn Electrode 65K Zn theclrod 
UW xn Oy - pee vf wmnpocd of metals i 10m jor 
mote cufeo, mieiht le hana CaWoy To platinum + try 

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ea pias wes on race 

Vion ushen maqudhyed may be decomposed 
who Tse As ferent Kinels of uon molecule _ 
ora Compound wmetecufe wile Z sim pfer 
mee eufes, f Ao Avekus won Strona ft 
magqualszd, wm W204 aaa amcils ov 



Lee of changing Gotten, wor wo done Guy 
yOsing potertiaP Af Se +O. onck ewwnenk to 
quem m apposite Ainettion Ke Pprumek Cunt 
rreneor wi Le eunnent’'s wm the same. 
dunedhion hence Vaene wa eombinohion . 
dameMaing m changing and decom portion 
om Avchonqug from pune Ko Compound 
moe eke Prceaefy, when maqneligek re 
anofeeule Ww compound and wove Compfex | 
andMrs decompuser when cwunendh qoe off, 
4K Vhe sumpfe ton or mofe erses one change® 
Rke eeclvofaqheé sons Jhuo Compouncling, 
Dov 8A a&k {ree a change utiich ovcten ey 
ow Vne ether opposite To Me ewnent or 
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Derhage by Aukuma off hight mmaqnalyed 
ron when Une mofecule vo complex : 
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qive Afarrent peachions when maanisd 
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affect the Volkase, 


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eok mw premory eof of which decompéin ~+ 
platering saa on to hee chonciclev of roumcka 
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composed enIuniel. Compounds 
(rscaure he of niches combustion 
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produce wmoulsdion oF 
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gaquedl to Me combuation vollaqe. 
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Cunnent Mere mucf 6 free efemeritary | 
atoms m Me 4 uid which have no 

glycas Aunt. Shes woulel chow Mak 
the olisacdociation 


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why Aveo mon pascal leis a 

g\¥eor Rimi when anbyeted To emengy |i 

rN form of waves m the tier and if 

tay Aes NK ack juorr rhe onle | 
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ocd. of Grima alreased 



On cfosung Vhe eCurcudd of A aA wave of 
Quiet proceeds m he cucud represented 
by A’ hecomima constantwhen Me ven 
has jneached Hs sfreos Lamu for rot 
pociculan eunnent. She slreoo wave. 
oppeoma he cunnenl wave m he 

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Nokes piace. amd Whe,slyeos vw of the. _ 
oppooité chanadey,. ahs dee 

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Awnmeher w copoery to bing g\rensed 
suk compounds or Aiacdledltice ack 
. york Yhe opposite. . Therefor - 
Me ‘um of A eortvacts uhen bea , 
 glvenred urhile Ve Wien Expands. 
Nast doer the svon damoact.2 
Vy Won & compound ton, Two won 10on> 
Comb med logévher which ane decomposed 
by The emenay of he eer wowes and 
awe favor cantrackon, work ba 
emded um decom poochion, Mie 1441s 
Ane wormed alade Ging Combination 
ow ft juot the opposite Me normed slate 
bina free amd the effect of re ether 
: queued vw Ko bring about combination 
oma rus prevent juther conduchow 
of zVvex Waves, femnsting the slveoo, 
Invite at qron many expand (in refation te. 
re eVner WOE) me aAnedion and. 
Conlyact sn ancther and ro may 62 50. with 


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Curent, od diaclelvics Ww Me durechon 
of Ve cumentl, cantrachn 

however hus txpomeron of uron at viaht 
omafes and cowlvachon mie direction — 
of Cunnent amiaght ANE bn. due te sore 
Compounds of von with um. 


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Comme a Aetormation of rhe mass of Tre 
von Mm a duedhion depending on Me. 
devence of he wave, andes 
def orm action us Neb heal by he 
Cofiervimer ae ates mofecufes 
ov enyhate of einen Molecules or: 
erualats of von urouel prose bly 
haus no polarshy Gumaq tonic or 
themaents urhene a daefaeliié or 
ound, Lurned ayplems oh 
Two Afferent Kindo of elements would — 
ahready have oforcty~ In Me cave. _ 
of ion ‘he. anihy vs eveehedl only  . 

by Vae ether wawr, ema auc wee... 

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howe, om ianalounee of pofanyzed Lowes ! 
combed with each other im conbadistriction : 
toa pofenized Won dvvassoescled Aiakedvc 

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Aresumetiow elemerily drarolveal one mts 
the Mines on es oKoy might form a 
poten syed tone sy ofem ond become 
anagquehe — (2) Me 2 efements though 
aw na aes ma a srnafe dubsiance| 
ons 4 6 dubslances Avrassociate) 
or wa Vae tome condiion become associcted 
‘oan cCompoumol umount the mu ence 
re eMrev wets ama hus howe a 
\rver lund — * 
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| ; — which 1 um cderolamel is move maquelic 
| “Kam Wreke’, i 

| 174 
Rrerefors, Magnets alate Godieo ane. A 
Wars dresoerctled suns of an element . 
Jone condition oK held Arq Men man 
Kaphre Cody havma cotheoton, 
- ondMok Ve pacsagqe of om feAvsé I 
Weues Ww Me vrertttey” of Wave body er | 
orrocrcdion ond a R evrizeck Condon 
‘no Songer sormne, hence me deers 
a alvess Sawai file oer mon isasertaled 
Compoumcls, ana wipon cession of he. 
Eletlrc Wavu1rs Avweassedcale cuilomelieally 
wile rons, Exeegf in Gore corene. re, 
compound wd evons rained, anc prevewled 
oom disaseccsadin Gy mcnecred cohesive j 

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weeks and Uumitale the fines we 
See \hnawn out 61 am mek ao eudencea 

A thing a. Bodies can bt brought near 
ENS phoned 6 insiachon ond Ken 
aainden ond crochan we wen : 

meng Vau can 6s done many Times 

ond yet Be boll ct Vacud CRA 
is none of chs 2, She en an 
Cameos Jrow the Mwsefe powder of 

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when Crof fe f thes UA ar0en 

sites | pup plied by Me Expmle : 

4 Ve cidk ft zity Cheav Kot baal 
Amer ane Fixed unch Hah on Wey one 
Utoo Cloje Commeion why mokfey | 
met to Jove energy if Key were. 
mound — Magneto us Mae. 
polaris ection of tonic Compound 
eA Ahanraed 6 energ om 

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Ye seeme to ME a condenser change ve 
Sumpty a ohorf cured Ihirough Kae Mier 
of very auch Jower neobstance Vian 
a metallic Curent but aa He draeeclyic 
Compounds ct poleunized Mey no 

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Ahracugh he cthev eee 
the emeray Avst mw he Zen shor. 
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Portion of the ewrnend Which went to _ 
skiers he diaclednuce uw rvzlinned she 
— tuneutl ow discharging - 
dhu w probably Vine neason oh wourefess 
a es rapid iedhetion bo ao te make 
S Ayteledwie vepulamce Arminish ~qet— 
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a dance supply Ko enter, 
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Mev eh bath encls —— 

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aff A\wenoofe wmatley cue a welfare 
euncah Kaene -eoufel Ge no eamakization 
of fear city VA usoulf mof exist, 
as tov Malance UW e battery re 
Conmbustion effects ewoufal go duvecf- 
tothe efter Lhe a ean Gurneng 

Uae cher would haut no veslance— 

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due Yo Me combu of Say ZnO. if 
and “the Tomp would seach vere high : 


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rvarrchuet Compounclo of ony Kund Tharece 
Me Quunent would even pase fo * * i 
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ther ov 10ws me nepdhual, 
Vrene wes a araht Aayey of amofeculas 
on Mire wore no Cuwunrenk would poss. 
hey would aliers, but f Vrere rove 
heawwgosed Yo rons Gy yerdsumn for 
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geek Conduckon , : 

fo vel 4s Yoo magnet. lathe pascare 

o ‘fa. pat of a perfect Soop of Copper 

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Whe ewrnent gener heal forme Sunes 

urnch reading on The. Vues of Whe sicmcadise 

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amust be a focal Mous of Cuvnent 
a Ya Focanulf— 

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ostle Gondilion obfaurre, Wace untied cichion 
wv of Cuwve ovis powered Gy re. wmam 
Cunniend urbiich Conlnues ure veq ht 
dunrechiun ane aaae. Une ovequal 
focett ceases ak Ve maximum " 
hemody of Rimes +> Qvom nevirsed 

befor Aad with Ure br fees Roop, 

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 melals haus free sorts, txceret oy _ 
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Keep rhe eh oes Madre ‘Note apect. 
Ake a Gatlery amet An @fen eweunt 

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 guroum) the rile part falling to Zera slre> jf 

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occun but A wounds be masked oy te 

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ushich w apporénlt od rn Bt 2 to the 
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eth, aeoot eaetpine pas sleeas oe 

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Regqanding re dinechon & Ye poles ws Vac 

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+3 Whe usure Tum, a 0. Mae oft Kreary 

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of Afadalones Cotpper dame coupfe ought 

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Cortana! re Cunnerth « neha esl Caused 
Kae view Wo inow uk Anco-of olvess 
which ane Me same ov oppeste of re 
wore Shyess Snes aus Tend Ys Spe 
the ‘posenge Af Vie Cunnensh ov wees frank: 
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Viok partioulan cornet haa nenched Fa 

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Conk Ging : aes ‘or postion of no 
Tusk ts mofeceIes oe) Crrecmferrence 
qpeatost last Hruo 

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war mealtler A wowld rlinn ot oven he \ 
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Avechange, “heo woul show Me prema 
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Ate | we ght ux thes Wars efeaveleye— : 
Cueto + have a new means of - 
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ss - Dedbngs Ww Slarace wo not beef 

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. Ceanes t Couctuct het AAG Sete P. Sb 

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em heatone, Sten Cofet, -+— 

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AsoH, Coviletmen medals held um Sofidion 
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window a-conmect wih Ether, pibneere: 

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get fa£f dame ao Afferent metals, plac — 

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am, Comealao needa 

‘ z 
py s 

eR SE ee Ty ee OP ee 
i par Pa ‘ : 

Notebook, N-06-11-18 

This notebook covers the periods April-October 1907 and February-April 
1920. All entries are by Edison. The book contains notes and drawings 
regarding projects to be undertaken and hypotheses to be tested, along with 
other theoretical speculation pertaining to electricity, physics, and cosmology. 
Included are entries relating to x-rays and "xyz rays," the electromotograph, 
storage batteries, and incandescent lamps. There is scattered material dealing 
with improvements to the phonograph and kinetoscope, including a one-page 
entry about a proposed "kinetophonograph," as well as a brief notation detailing 
a high-voltage direct current dynamo. The book appears to have been used 
primarily at Fort Myers, Florida. At the end of the book, Edison's youngest son, 
Theodore, signed his name in November 1906. The front cover is labeled 
"Ideas Theory." The book contains 408 numbered pages; many pages are 

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50 1,481 
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Notebook, N-08-01-20 

This notebook covers the period April-May 1907. All entries are by 
Edison. The book contains logs of storage battery cell tests and notes 
regarding the preparation and loading of nickel flake in the cell grids. It appears 
to have been used primarily at Fort Myers, Florida. At the beginning of the 
book, Edison's youngest son, Theodore, signed his name in November 1906. 
The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 80 pages have been used. 

| sss STATIONER | ~ 
| Geed Work Pro: 

(cae ae 



68 WILLIAM StrEc ange eS 


3 Rar whe eres ie [hue eles ty 

Los ey 

BS te a ke 

Roo or meg 
wt 354 360 36 3 373 

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read wut ai cunt ce Cy. aa a) 

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3ou0 u [oa Fell : 
vos : ( 53d Go 1s” i 
eos loo thas | > 
eee 2570 42% 
foro 3od0 832975 257 
Goce 35d- 

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pera esarracre 

frm : Ps 7 . . - NtSy: 1C-PAAL “lait tibes _ ‘ 
Crt / te lof Lgl (Yn Hl. oy aap | re On 
 Gflay Thain 10 here GH 14 Jo ely oe ee Ra jue) ais Ghee Slo tf , 

539¢ | sis | ozo | 723 53 | 
| (5399 | SH7 | OHO [pas sy 
66°) Gl Lygs” 4 43% [sHoo | Ft] [O32 | 729 |5297 b3y 
21 Hehoas Shaf= — |oyo, [537 | 663 [roe [57.3 | 
> ft a 402.1537 | 666 \76* spa | | 
760 164 Nod \ 4.42 [5403 [939 (663 (763 571 jm 


ee hese ‘a “ie  Gnae Bare HoH | 522 [635 | 725° Sp; 
50 1898 ¥ fy Hos |527 [eae \rav ae 
2 TLS | E87 FOR VN | GS | 00 NT i iyo 1922 [6207 |724 5306 6 sad 
TH ra FST 4 | if 26X36 so Spat S4o7 q2 boa 1697 Sh) 
#13 | 676 [778] . S4Hot | S10 | eae |T8™ j53u 
icy | 866 | 67 Lb ee dg 397 [THO |g4et 52-7 
' £20 | 78 | 1G 2 | PancredHefe = Sug | S85 1657 1750 se Ec 
/ $23 pee eq] |. | vat 657 |749 (503 | 
1) 823 ren Jie 04 | F0"| bas” | Of ud S4p 12, O68 176r 5701 ee 
, Fa | 160% | F508 - [ “| Prunretre SY waft ) aaa 
; w/e Ral 7s? . | ; , ape Ly 
e va ' . 
je Let \7e8 laws” 0 os jae | weer neee ILS Gt {766 [87-6 fs 
oe [e609 L404, oof 7 | r47 | sé | 
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eer pte 783. Qyoo oF TS geen CT aT IGE Te re | 
484" 699 247 | 679 |112/577 | 
; say 6 a M7 aN4 1O.5 by” Wf He 679 178. 57 Sw 
an Sela Aer ll oa 2 | | 

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[ ev is eee ELD 
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He | ae 
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Notebook, N-07-05-04 

This notebook was used by Edison in May 1907. It contains notes 
regarding experiments with an aluminum electrolytic rectifier, a device used to 
transform alternating into direct current and used in recharging exhausted 
Storage batteries. Inserted into the book are several loose pages of notes 

relating to the rectifier work. The pages are unnumbered. Only 3 pages have 
been used. 

. Wieeet oq 
meer Rectifier © expen mane 


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Notebook, N-07-05-13 

This notebook was used by Edison and laboratory chemist Otto Groethe 
in May 1907. It contains instructions by Edison to Groethe regarding various 
chemical experiments pertaining to storage batteries. Alongside the entries by 
Edison are Groethe's notations concerning the test results. Inserted into the 
book is one page of notes by Groethe and Walter E. Holland. The front cover 
is labeled "Chemical Laboratory Book." The pages are unnumbered. 
Approximately 20 pages have been used. 

May (3 77] 

S+ Grothe fe odelenmune 5102 Fs Na + Af, o3 
ee wm ofd Nekel fase — 
Ast Weer WE if, \ehor 

Naa ce cana Ureevarly 21, Rott 

Comleimene ATMAGK wm looee 23 
; Bolrefren ie o IS/ o Naot vedi wa _ 
i ih Li.0 av Lott, yp te Ta. &, the a7. : 
€ oivtarts orange altyriw : - = | | | 
. bo ie Va yu o2 ren, Laet peo i | 

Qrebaly for 8:0 Conk te cretd, 
sail Ae Fara - aoe 9 Sine is eee te eee 7 

Britt Boil ov aoe 2. ua Keid 

lath 5; 2 Nia ott teoliah moron. qr cnt tu oe etic 
(wash pute 4 ow Lee ope ce s wal ae 
. Sear Fiadece. batt. ; ee a 

LP Ak. Bel ses HL cenmopis ‘ Mop. 

: “Poe. a fea pome Shallow mee ox ue 
et haber ts Jofub tle UA. Weihey Soest ace 
Ai ROM te ow. Sf U2ot, | 

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Pot Wek ep om 
oy G 

Mike 4 or 5 ayy of CP ere oe 

ae ; (2) wes vi wernt t sss pase fer a Sees 
pete ye : 
34 20 Ks ee 
' Tew henry ta ae be 44:78 pore qe 
Ga , v oa ; 
Msoterma writen iw. q sea ag fem von a“ We, 

beet Ae tr. Bey 0 — Sze ee BL Ue 1H 
6 = ey Ebay 

: Wend Ee a duvreled \" ro ee ee | 

ee eee Th sg whi 

ofa by. bo — grp ed vg a ; 
ae i ‘ 4. G4 [oat oad sage ee y have Te pose. 

a ne mere nowt ESE LE LST 

——— 7 t { 
ares ; ttn Ue es Ann oy hy rere | 
Lave y b or. Teo —~ S2gC€ ae. Retr : : 

bg iY, a Te 50, ase acy Uwot Peres ce | 

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ef a fortes Aint te _ 

usbeuet otek eae oy ene ie 

Ta Wig 

gt EME Mtn, evyrtettas 
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Pith. oy ‘ Cerise 4% ne rated cele tiem carb ale 

As die Sev «/, . 

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wid ae Bote Leet, nee, avr Peta ; Bae . 
Ph a hhene ae , shoes *f, Revit ee Meson PES “ ayer 
Me Be oh MSU Cie ech a Viwr Peed eg 
Pela Meade eek f 28.48 *f, Arent aw CT ata patel. 
N23 — “15 TO erence, Fare Patek, a 
Ploes ton wets nde eho, 

Aver en al aiktle, , sacs S oye 

ae Pht 4. Me Ve Cross. ew | ae Bere PAwhe, 

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dL! tee : Ie ent: de yo we . a 

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Wane Chee 
sphern chews Yee 

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ie 20 ca a, ie. 4 Fe Oy tarkos frmely Pam etgare Ps ct eee ; 

aes = 5 
alee ni be 

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ark nity of i eke es siesta 
the Lind. Cel vl a thir acy prin eh 
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jen able ent? Mode end Patfbaer whe ove tee 

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fer a ba, atthe Hat haw? authre aint” + 
& ane ne? tr Oavr av le doe tale ee cad 
Cc. Pr aelirbyy G Ae [i0* klvrrle of tovan BE fey? 
the Aer? anther eh alrcl $d Arwen aie Ahecha pte 
ag farwthy: Myactrny a Ke Ligaiite The wiiehe 
ke eps a hitarti, of Ae Pitter as ath 
oy Ss Ay, porter te +“, the hens, - 
Co isnap ho tidy OY Certo. cartes lee ce Lovina ha” 

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ond fava Ge Pano ovtthy thew the ete Set pl? 

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V4 uxelx Sait an lod. eS 
cone wat cotter Te of Na as 
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16° seen “tdiawdct He Sutp hele 
aftr Bb homer) ety Pica of Hasty 

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Sone Rud af 6s 24 ho wt at 

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fidur bide 4 hewrren |b Db 

eves 20> (pees ue oeCernuene : 

des Aine = 

- akegl a 320.98 ‘eh 


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te fla bok flaw ht oth BL ACU She bn thy tony Bae ° 

Teka ema oy of Ne Z qed 
frome (DeCh, anehey 

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tres 100 ~ 1 OFUF ge AeSog = | 
‘109 Pp mi S04 (lr Ms.) | 
ete orn ay 
Qa WK and he Drrnmere, 
He JeLpReke om a Yue | 
Cte ie have fev wt : 
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bhvb ese 7 - aa anaes ies 

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Bt : meee on we thea fo ~ a 

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Facet bilater am. ae ricbadt 4 prim bet lte 1 Ab J: ort 

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Phoaphak ft = Phoaef Nari — 
Sacerch L+Sihea — 

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(ah a be + BaOH, Can cet ot 

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peter aw Koes, vee Seb de 
aces oF ee ep “a oli ot, 

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as Roth ewe an LAI AS. hee 

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ts Dd A O#- ct val 
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hia. con “es Vane seas 

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et ar uw Lt a ay 
a tw KOH ne dalinalel roth dort, 

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as 4 , me 
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7 he, Mere ele Scat ‘oyor O. bv be: Pte mitt. wt ha 


ad bee uf i, g. uly Avivtine pe ae plore Cae” 

PP OIBE sae 

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e make etleas A Mts : Wf aks RS oe te. ih a oie ts 
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eet aay Kot a Nee oft, 

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yf . ; ‘ 
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an ates g ‘ame Lenerve | 0 * op MiecKet— 

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a ra 

pam ie aa Ort, ALAS if Akzag Tle nthe, Fiat eine 
ee Ahan a4 ae eid. Rew i (a Wh Aw A 2 

Notebook, N-07-05-22.1 

This notebook covers the periods May 1907 and October 1910. Alll 
entries are by Edison. The book contains notes and drawings regarding 
attempts to amplify phonograph recordings using an electromotograph. 
Included are tests of numerous compounds in the motograph cylinder, with 
some notations of the resulting sound quality. There are also entries relative 
to the wear on phonograph cylinders after repeated use. The front cover is 
labeled "Emg." The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 40 pages have 
been used. 

au CTC ent 1Ve Nou denk” 
Sree tl ‘alk os Pes eDeme Ao 
Gaile ans 
 Selur atest Lot eu Le ee Licew. 2 A 
ae eM eee. (su own ley. 7 
eke Ge Ha, ColKelen Hd... 
= aaa ie ae wt : _ “fred wekug 
“¥ Viren lrrusld wRiek oe Ver se 
. ‘allnck | Cee Rels — { 

: J eee ed es Cottle "geGant.. 
CyQnrter Severe Tones a YQ en, ae 
sie See eee a wk, ie Get 
Er ee ee ae a 

fe Zhao ous coe noerthal id 


eeauharet roel. ut “Sir sks det ws | ule alee 
i _ VoPuns. : She Sides pas ft 
woe eD, pratugd ey —En ently. =A Ie ts See 

tthe Che. be, shone Cdrowt ow ee. 
Wn be Ble Keg lees, a ek tet 

Ta ; [ere = displ spt Reena 
ast a Fre SS Se peer! 

st ne are ene eres ee es Aaa ES. 

vom 23 140 a 

eee’ Wow binges brut. ta wert Ch nL tes | 
vith, Linen ebol ue Pp + Eucle | 

press? « out. 

Chetk so @ Ce utel 
base -erlae How Vie pow 
jeer ow in rm ie eee... 3 

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mei pe cue f 

| A caseant bghes cla ek hope 
Le ieaeto 3 
cae Sif : aes 

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; Comued Thio to mw cle 
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Bay balding 7 Woe prteade Cw ow Ms ae . 

es pat es 6 waa cet athe 

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with .. G-Coz CHiDk urnk ere J 

Lad Na,l2, to cheat 
Gleo-me woKnte as 4 waed AO} 
(nt Wot Wee 

ce . We anne nV Ome eae : 
Loween, Re aller erg | 

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ous uw LA ta Corn 2O 

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dhe Re Peo bs lo rrehy 

ee a Sea fr roan oe 
os foo Yt 

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oes watedh ] cu SOR 

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(Ore Voiate - 

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F hear et co th VWobds wer wn Wilh 

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pet ae ore bl. the ehrt£kk ¢ Lo ae rere 

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Qertutd Win —7 

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whew es was tude but wet 
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Aoacke er cease very wine —— _ 2 

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ye ae coRe- get “Ratt 

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on rate Pout 

cs See 


Notebook, N-07-11-25 

This notebook covers the period November 1907-July 1908. It contains 
notes and drawings by Edison and an unidentified experimenter regarding 
cement experiments. At the beginning of the book there are cost estimates and 
production notes pertaining to cement house construction. Included are items 
relating to settling of aggregate material in poured concrete, waterproofing and 
painting concrete, storage bags for the cement, and using concrete joints in 
continuous-process belt equipment. Also included is a 3-page note regarding 
the use of colloidal films as coatings on phonograph cylinders. Inserted into the 
book is a letter from July 1911 regarding a shipment of zinc ore drawn from 
land adjacent to the Edison Portland Cement Co. quarry. The front cover is 
labeled "Bags Cement House Belt Expmts Viscose." The pages are 
unnumbered. Approximately 30 pages have been used. 

Wows ige7 

FP Jorn fowmeletion. 6 men thay. IS. Fibo | 
~~ f Ting jormes 3 derrick ren eel i ., hoe 
oi ani a Coreyenecs DBdayo . J... "6, e0 
ee Auaiuabs MG Sop men Qdays jee. _. Ys 20 
P. yl 
BG Betiom men 2 days pss 19,2 
Ae evened wen zo ) at }2 , 9 
aC Elevator Brreclors Spl 2 ders | & 19 ~2o 
MPP men | doy pour 0 2.70 FO 
“ee uanclaencavalon 206 J OM 
gS crit + Cruch ae a a . | 2 £OO. a 
dane BE TeoGaoh, einai bee SOR 0A 
sees ate i Kau meer | Leys i imate ae ee S {| 
. olung , , 690,990 : 3 
[ees Waean Beret, ig eh Og POE ues 
AS, = Biking ara : (Lt SO OE 

BNV2080 mM. bieitise.: ‘2 We Idee ao AS oo ais 1 


aa) apa 

Cae \ bbe 
Cho do 

_w. Pte +9 eT altra: 
D Wok Clavats 
Wound rut — Pwers 
: | “Ov sg Mle (savo* 


~ gee 
Yatgats-elapen Wentele 
TWeebumerd _ : ; 
De 6 ena 

Wik | Cement bem HE. golessky «: 
a Vee Cralred rock Soncdolene or 

Ht . V4 Tyra} ~dind fXerw oo eff ies rr Gew 
[2% f wet me hora zi witsby 
Var hep ne eis ney L=2 | 
| ie: et &R 
p lvesp ce eae 

cee cul =| cu 

(eae aA It Ge 

. 37126 fh tira gl order ot Yds LAC dictes 
gue wok teeck Spetibs es | m O21 Cabre fr 

mee. in 235600 Cho 

6402 | f." fo Hears portiliene revof? V2¢00 Pr 

Jofat 533 Coke ft 2 el DH57 160 Le ~ 
THtal: F307 

CaBling cmechine wih 52 

26,534 = 

J2S5HP Borler 1100 
Enqune {yoo 
uc goo 
Bunemo : laod 
Y malo, | SER) 
3 Hosts 2500 
3 Wepets é Foe 
ABN « Som’ ier 
Jerten yoo 
‘Cricshe -*- aa 350, f , ae ko 
ruckatorweters PO oa 
Pant Trucks {foo 
ual Teebs yf ree 

2 4 Rove ands porhouy 7 

| UT 12. Hour 
Whee ee 8 cfd 1% Coste 

“a rope —. 

- oes “Ae. ite Tn, SHE 
“Be pe as 

oo ay aol es BABE — : 
as sh NOM? eal, — seat 2 


Mer enteande ae | 
be ica aaraee a . 

pee I, Wo A 
ee be eee ee | | 
age © iad ae md 


a Ut.C-~4-e- wpe. ep ee 

ot be. Line eet 

oe ne Cue. eet hn cep 


a a pe ie ee 
Cnt eaty ee Bnd routs eae o 

; Rows can Bomtrot mL anew 
Se. CK Le Res AG aN = 
ale | 
wd le Lak + pace ne 

eee lO, a T+). he “bseViscous 
\Garent 3. Ornd, Macedo Co, Larol. Oe 

pct, deve we Lcuehon si ner. ak oo ow 
VEL y -WG — 


“btead ie set -Lerrls, | 

nhs eae de & eae ach ! caliter Ih 

cen eam cenat epee A 

0% = 
cs ometlen set very | het =. — 

— \ ee 9 v7 | il 
scbses procep aor | i 

CreeRe Yorerrneth ce =.) 

: eae 


ny she ae | 

| Saas 

BS fos re ole Gar ary Ve 
ai hrreRACork ov iF 

aC Le e- o-O-Oay 

VO Vs Co m vel es tex. ees K . 
—— C-e- eo | alecag | we 

in Sia Cale a Re Nene 

(35_ we Bilhee (Ses ? | 
Ato ri aie rt Sag 

Ge 7rea.. C_wy~ ok y a | 

a wtbis Pine Se =t 
th wm oe aticOedys 

te sonst ot Gem. eee 

tne. Ay Ce panes eu % aToke, 

| ar ~ 
: nope . oe om 

7 2.0 ne i 

ae ee ae ee a’ 

ae rl 

ADS Cored on: 


nso OPEL) 

Wh cus Conewele | | 

<< ae: 

Ya th. i Led oe tb 
> ced-Cou le, Conor ele 

a ee tec wee 

res jremet cou0d Ge Quen) 
er ee Day top 

3 of i oa eons 
athe wake w 1 3 Sn 

urge - 
O Cgurae . oe Cc - ay Cee nde, 

{Cle Wis Kere wad ni toe eo aie 

| iat ee 
agg af maces Coe. eee he 

Sy, ee, C Merwe Qe = ay. 
ay tem ogee 

ted ole. ryt awl a0 OQ, : : | 

pe ae wsgghtt a te a aan oe 

Ay i ee Bae 
eB Da Des L. to | 
“Cea Be teeded say 2" | 

| Dek ee. ee a Erreclant 

Gory of Tome hee de ten 
more 1Um “~~ Comerete ? eyes 
ee ae pee frenrt eos ae: 


4G ty Cette Geek allen naCs, Cas ay 
: : owt. Z mreolcy bBmeR [ 
Geet bt Urele wide. 

ae 1- or ON Fe leg yuatsae clo te i, oi 
ve etl. Rue rb abe. oS dae 
wt ™m fy wt C206 Z iC (Ly peneeies “WA 
pst VA ae) = | r 

a Grin tiene ? ee 

_ O28 aye 
| _ 2: Depo ets Tenn 
| Prrebe S21 a 

Pareke 7 a Se 


maeengun aside 

wapht pf Lsowrsr wot 56. De 

BS. Bleek cach of ud HLL ae 124, 


SO nook 7 : / ve ae 
io Oy Ce 
i, a a 7 

on . ~ - bison. Se 

wethes oe St, | ee * | 

Ne3 ‘om Cw. Ria clot ww 
Leese aly wth Vey v Ra Colne 

beCcate aN tet ae fC. Say tela < 

eo nem rel? , 

— PArake! 15 0 — 

Lie oy Sap fro 3 or oa) 20 tase ha 
Probe 547 Lh — oo. 
(Rolie: cae ee ip? 

pe tee | | 
oa 2 Viscous « date 5 Ree nes a ee bat” at : 
oe LCs = oe Mt Pel: 6. Va. ok P cgho& ‘aa Cle, j | 
belies eeu 2 [5 ites so Lawley mS | 
a eae mA 7 
Broke b6e Oe i 
Lt bee $ Aq LOQr2.. (Epenp ae Ce | | 

iv 6 Be Es Sneapt— 
Ca Soe 

“Tek 523 Le — - 
ot cas LIES Gre bom 

Jt a) | yi éeo bt + ee Check iad 

fae V4. "* QalGewMou sfiv [OW ane 

i of ee wn a fey coe ree 
al ees : a 
“Riek 533 Lb = 
z en Se mer ; eos . 
tt os we cry Ferny — 
. u 

OCe eat ¢ viet Str C_. 

ey weed Cu ale be 

The NOH WaukEd ouft 
BO ot er pat Vise eva, N— | 

Cee Se, 

ty Pee 

Gc iarrreer y tee 

_ aus 


freee | ae 


macle on. Gch | 

Lf Yo" Obenlsted Lelicren Vi oabeshag : 
on. Leot— v AE Aerwy A> alu (Cacoar | | 
ys oA od Ceomven rune! thelr T32 | 

"| GLA | 

x es io oe ee Be eae Ae ere 

Stes : _ a ay 

i | 
{ i 
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if ny 
i | i 
1 H 
pio og 

PA RTe Mera: yer tse suet in 

ae dl qe 

Be fon he ope Oe. ra eich La 
Wo WO Q t ” 
oboe piseins Narey Cady 
ba Che ae abene of” Ae a 
bs angle aie eres ince. ie kh fs a 

1 aig ioe ei eas 

pa of pean Sic]. POE 
Nop gs 

Gxt cts Yoo ey een 
Aes alta am 

Vac LS aa Era oy it | | 
ae _ 

ie Ves L 7 i . 
ware ove ~ ene Ben | AE 

Xu , 

zl i 

bee c= wale ae | 

Peer be “gt ~ hte . 

fe | te £2 Lie mre bas 
wits Pf fom 2% Nowe. ae 
aca ne af 
CE el AW Pome daeek.. Low oe : 
angle y ad am > peated 
Oe a 
Le ane, ee 

~ hanna 



Form aTA ; y te 
. O Edin. 

The Edison Portland Cement Co. 


Tuowaa A. Ipwon, cramtan or noarnD 

W. 8. Maniony, ricatpane Telegraph, Freight and Passenger Station, NEW VILLAGE, N. J. AHILADELPHiay Fan Arcade Building 
.. Minter, crmasunen Boston, MAss., Post Office Squara Bldg 
Wat, I. Honna, amoty « Awur. TREAN, P. O. ADDRESS. STEW ARTSVILLE, N. J. SAVANNAH, Ga., National Bank Building _ 
July 20th, wee 
; A, Edison Arg 
Mr. Thomas Edison, 4. yea 
Edison Laboratory, (eA, ia ya 
Pgh {I | 
Orange, N. Jd. je 
; 4 i 
. \ $s H 
foie Ss Dear Sir: JUL $24 3} 1] | 

I am sending, today, by Express, box of samples of 
what appears to be zine ore, These were picked out of the 
refuge pile from the shaft that was sunk on the Raub farm 
next to our quarry. 

Yours very truly, ; 


Notebook, N-08-00-00.1 

This undated notebook was probably used by Edison in 1907 or 1908, 
but it may have been used as late as 1910. The book contains notes and 
drawings regarding attempts to increase a cylinder record's volume by 
adjusting the pressure applied by the reproducer or recording mechanism. 
There is one entry relating to storage batteries. Also included are several 
miscellaneous drawings, probably by Edison’s youngest son, Theodore. The 
pages are unnumbered. Only 15 pages have been used. 




. un 

°° Good Work Promptly- . 


Pe FIT, Ae ome ey corey 

OE Tage saree EHO 

aye BUN olf ¢ . 

gare eal a8 

¢ ‘ trig 209) \ ae ae ec 4 

Gig HGorp VA “he a Zz 

-S peer™m_—¢ -. o\ 4 
hn, a 4 i Veet 

: EP @d- a ! ‘). wa od 
; cet pee f cae 
| “eFh Ist : 
aa A ne ‘ ces I , 5 l a 
Ne UP eo) el mens 

ed vow VENDA. ~~) he 

| pe wor) vic OSE 

eee Een Lge 

MMO Maal <aeenvarl 

rae oli 144 
aver weaneed ose os ca) 

6 yom ef og 

oe = rere 



ftv epoee 

sciyreneen vera hee “an 



Notebook, N-08-00-00.2 

This undated notebook was probably used by Edison in 1907 or 1908, 
but it may have been used as late as 1910. The book contains notes and 
drawings regarding experiments with the electromotograph, which Edison was 
using in conjunction with attempts to amplify the sound of a phonograph and 
for more general work relating to electrical theory. The pages are unnumbered. 
Only 4 pages have been used. 


ee “ 

ae Pcxtte bee lon cen f OPReolfy 
Uren a A: ve Gens weme Cote | 

| ob 

ome iS uw Wit 

ies —. adh Sas fiawe bag 
AO) nee es CLucch + veo eT 

habe sa or Baw so wate LED Sess Cohn : 

sg i we eet ee | 
geek av wh Peete fre he alan — | 

(Dee abn Deen voto 5 eo 

oor DL cr 


- Yodo — 

as agi Ga ~ 

ee t bo Dect ORDoy uke “eee | 
ise, oe ie ecuass Oe * 

peraa | 

frutgh fen preoyet 
pine cag Se 

LZ iw ee o—neore 

ee aos Snr nonilee Cicaiite Ons 

ae ae: :, a Rr ee ne ee 

were Ler Cilicia 
ae SS ob ae Cy ere Seeln © , 

Nive cre CA C | ont co clt & Joet 
Crete /V Coats yee Bebrtin Q 

en as MALE (ane BE ers a) 

Uae: age Vee 

eas Oh 

Notebook, N-08-00-00.3 

This undated notebook was probably used by Edison in 1907 or 1908, 
but it may have been used as late as 1910. The book contains notes and 
drawings regarding continuous-process belting, possibly related to the 
manufacturing process used by the Edison Portland Cement Co. Over half of 
the book consists of miscellaneous notes and drawings, probably by Edison's 
youngest son, Theodore. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 30 pages 
have been used. 



- Good Work Promptt 
68 WitLiaM Stneer, 


en TT TD 

onan ne nee ee See. wate ie. 

i aeneedeetatataiietemenaeenenememenamaree tae 

SB aoe ey Se 
Pine ores = 
ttre a 



ge a a ed 
a RIE Sons ag NE 
ye eS Rose. 


)2 p3-1 

{a Uf 

XY j 

| | 

~ ES 


eeness SEES 

loan ag pe ape WD Ley whites on Geet 
al aoe ie bh, * oeeeege 7 

we psy vin a s 

Slime ow beTlow 350 ths - dtl, Top cal 
Jolal. alrerw rio Gct tse tke 350 £6y -_ 

tala ame Ve: laa -— fefad Ho LG 

ou Corp oye Ga thew — 

AAR datvene for U6 path adbern pots wrens 
is vi ae per ~orl Press ama qe o Cn. ye | 


CWO) tow bby GSE 

Bit naga fr Jeo — B 3500 — 
bfal Slria FFe0—lor bite __— Weft Jove 
Sy iwt A— oe top Hae? = 
Stee A+g— Shae Wet [Ooo 
Slrese Tee aay er ere re 
el 35 00 Poet ga ri 

7 of ie ive 

Vee oe ce urRobe tat 
Llree gees Lo LAA 

a dee pike Bol | 

ee oduce A&A ARE UAE EW 
iy 3500 Lhs-t-aue (ile Emon 
y | oe. claive~ Sheag WEE 
la oe ow {3 but Us not 


News’ roe elawer (ett teen) 

Tha ache er mae ou tha what 
Bf See Le Ree ue : 
wi ans Qt e75 

wee 1750 iran on A? 


aon aa roi : : . , 

Notebook, N-08-01-21.2 

This notebook covers the period January-February 1908. All entries are 
by Edison. The book contains notes and drawings that deal mainly with 
phonograph cylinder technology. Included are entries regarding the search for 
a harder cylinder material and for a light but hard reproducer mechanism. At 
the beginning of the book are drawings relating to unidentified manufacturing 
equipment and a one-page entry concerning cement house technology. 
Inserted into the book are two lists by Edison that appear to be related to 
phonograph cylinder experiments. The front cover is labeled "Notes [NJew 
Moulded Records Rep[rojd{uJc[e]r balls 1908." The pages are unnumbered. 
Approximately 30 pages have been used. 

en i Iglam SD reeb-Goy an 

i oe est 

5% noe 2 
- fs Wert oot oe a 

i © val. oe as : 



ess Ox 


o& Br Ran Rens A * Lerten 
Raga \ 7 
fhe very beg aS owe (etl (Bees 
Ware { geet —/¥ one ay at. 

ie is eA ck tT Event 
rp Shier nN Cece met” : 
(lee a Ol cea rw & ia 
a C. oRe\ (Coe alia 

Ortrue Cv AQ 


0A h 

Gk. bo ato 

Peer in wees aac tf a a 
‘ he : w 

; % Ke te cf 
spo per|ort era 
ie e) rth 

i oe 

erie SR ee Cm, 

SSaend ieee 

7 v. 
meses {oe 

Saal aie 

f) Al etk Lo ‘aalha ey 
Ley en l-CG 2 ecru 

ee Late eal 


ae poe IGaee. ~< 
“4 Kops Cass omar il (ene 
je wv See or Lk oO 

B a Oe A Ca ic Le Ore 

eae thy 
a eee aot ot or Wrern dr cl 
Bice) Geet Ge, 

Hee wneewernD Ge pmer 

: a Leet res ae tetat 

2 cask whan” oa Clrae- Lot 

i well ¢ eet en 


Soe ioe 
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Notebook, N-08-02-13 

This notebook contains dated entries from February 1908 and April-June 
1919. There is also one note dated August 1922. All entries are by Edison. The 
book contains notes and drawings regarding various uses for electromotograph 
technology, including sound apparatus for motion pictures and sound 
amplification for phonographs and telephones. There are also entries relating 
to experiments with various electrical phenomena, including x-rays and "xyz 
rays." It is possible that the 1908 entries were transcribed by Edison in 1919 
from another book. However, the book bears a physical resemblance to other 
books from 1907-1908, many of which were used by Edison in Fort Myers, 
Florida. Most likely, Edison stored this book at the Florida laboratory and began 
making new entries into it after he returned to experiments on the 
electromotograph and the chalk telephone in 1919 (see N-19-04-20.2 and N- 
19-04-23.2). The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 140 pages have been 

pneabenreeeee: SL 

' +++ STATIONER ,.., 

: Cool Work Promptty 
H 68 Wittiam Stacer, 
NEW YorK, - 

TOE ne 

ufraclan..Oxodete “bits, alin re by = 
one. hig ht rdhutler, try Xreysroh eter te 
see Oe Cuno CH KK, Bemrole sath... — 
mn qateel neerptadec Ca.Woy Whuwite_ adhe iin os 
iptelect, flan de Cr preeeplel = —_ hb | 
—Rodiwen oso, Mee. oa g, Radi Sa aieaie ce 
ak. pares Ahan ofrde eryaleds, eit Lat 
cae ynaandiem, phlomilled [hau exyolets Poh ces cleo | 
Lac for Lralt.. tha One. Thy Ng Ke Wh rohwler | a 

TN Rag SG well Hoe alan aailelire = 

| Ute, afl mettle ee Le aaa aaa 3 

- ees of specs. ee ee een ees ae 

- ies hotles Giuelincnade row ca leanels ot. casual 
_ Phene whe efi one woke $0 ee 300. seeonel_ =| 

ae Pet wr secomdans es Re ee | 
nae: a hdett okase hp esl = 
WW . Kahr ~ 5 see 

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7 et a 

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Sreweth om hecve= Sb pea eo . b 
abar on rolalion weve ie 

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eebowh COg A aral—ale NE Sas nea Ord” 
 lhexe Co - Ts urlen Cutnrasy 
one word (1) Calo; vet BLK Crete 

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Omani Sate, IX - et. _ 

aay f Ope oe 
eles Cee wl CAN a Ke te 
pene ” g at, D>. a Coos eit 

; Lew Ki dane” palate) pe — fet now 
Vem we CO aCe. fered meats 
Gee Ce Let DH C.-e et ann Ope’ 
vy otcale g vel pxelue we lpe—men eS 4 
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Car be. Wok Corse cant 
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Qureenahe eer ponte ‘ 

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hte — Chinese fron Nnwo be, 

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Chow Verve SY peg 292-293 — 

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ere eee 

Notebook, N-06-04-27 

This notebook was used during April 1908, All entries are by Edison. 
The book contains a log of storage battery cell tests. Some of the entries 
indicate the involvement of Walter E. Holland, George H. Hooper, Jr., and 
Charles Dally. Inserted into the book are 2 pages of cell test notes by 

Holland. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 100 pages have been 



F iawn uM, en 

| 1. apival (bee veq— , Mowndoen _100 150 200 250 . 
| | 708 qveen 74 enfoxidyer Clon F Te! | 1OUO - | Lol7 763 God ' 
| Gaie a haps rer tw Ti yet Sook tf antrum alvedey rears) 1620 fa i 
fast Bolts | 723 Lory q53 1455 
! : 

[| 20k 

Nap Ee) Except green WOO. eo { hour |- 

Vel esernakk Mat bol KOK 

2 K 

Resp of [625° LEle 

62.¢ Grau ores J) yun Carbariccs 
\Fn Gaewrd Apa a* igo” — 
iv vay 
G20 128s” 
quit (aga : 

— fueo (403 - 

NAL od GAD “wens iat Weise: ze ; 

om eH oper. ruby: Seek. 


qt. yer neve baa “) ae) whee ang WU Zool s 

ox rid ocd Otecmeuruan f 

14. Spiral ie 

‘A. or f ge iq 14 — Cone Bi hadror wy Wy Cf 

Zin seal oer st 0d lets es ee 403 Tones Fos 

lured Go. ted 5p. g Weshed & Nee 

apn 700 
Bup § O74 
UK iol 

Dew 8 50 a 
Cre fan’ Vaaoked 

we vita on, but on! 

area tele ol noe ws bef Rene 
oF » 
ie §030 

| het. 

| Now A wane fone Co 


(of) 50 

907 1933 
$60 | $93 

eae! NT ; 3 

loo §=|50 200 
Q70 |410 \9q57 
1423 | 1913 |qQo06 
1Go3 Joo £67 
! 1 aww 
NT] dus 
HQ10- 70 ; 
1183 1080 
2% 3 Tay ae + \R00 
287 reoy— ‘TO 1429 
eae es 

Asef. ,\Lot. . 

mite 1233 

peer ana RET $Y 






vy eo = ; 
es ces ye ee PES ge ener ae 
oo 8 ! 
Sse ; 

os Banas Oa uti tow Pied se aw WAC? wo a 
ces 7619 but 1, Slrew ite 

As 237 En 
k AIK B. dot, 
. Duo #029 i ea 

(du: Ving 
ys Tae 2 died 

| ae on ne BCH, Chanel 7 To foo te :) fe) Yum 

te eal Meaiee lott yaken Crates le. 
| free Ro QRZ. Lox, a 
Pe ee needs 6.3% 
Rep ¢ eye JG e 
danterd OS lo new 
43 QW 2 Log, 
Rup $07 hue binebed § rae ute 


Pin Hoge i. 
IFoT] 1. 

Hed | 

7039 | 

OH | 



Toe} | 



0) 50 
1030 aco |I 
| 1006 |1200 





100 150 400 ss. 
1133 |1157 igo, 
173 183 1183 


yeep $6 ies Exel gam K (31 Jol A) Wan 


Ma we i nies aaek age ma 2 vay om $046 , 
Phd Ce al we Whee orf Ki “fH ¥OqY te 
"OC ote 7 fat FOqe). 
) ‘ i : : votes ane qfqee: at A\O\ 
, Bie A we uy clares oe \ 1 
i T tapyeat ee Jet ee fete ee z | 
ety Sep rae i Veoh — Pat 
fe TES abe clue eo lect 
; (Sie | 
OK 2 AH, | 
[ onions! 
ENP I = ee Cone Ric Waly (cease Xe) 516 
lo Gea Me 9 ye net. Chume. peaglred 
dnd ad frek ay aH Oa me Tae cal si 
i lorie 
ote ara _ 2S 2. Lou, 
Rag baie PP apf qiite Gomer gia e BONO ig 
' 108 ~ i ie U at) fermntntelyy 5030 : 'Flao 
Satie cts Pee OW Do CB y 
i € hee, Soalee 9 0) Brey nf, mt (a ber weeett KOC aoe ee 
YO Wen rate oe re / Yorn needy ur ROU, jvloy | 
ae ede ery Re ee prab net OKA nue gtos-| 
ai 2. io Leo ' F106 

Phere aia ee ae 
AOE Ss ai wyew biew game 

Go GEOE - Flu gerne § ake, 
ay Aue 9 cs ae 

T TAN a 


CA 50 leo |S 
1087-11097 |1319 |1230 
1oe7 1273 |1267 |}210 
‘|h0GA 117.63 1267, 1210 
[esate ve 
fh AMOS bay 
1067 1227 Kia 
17 [1260 [1360 |13% 
(O77 [#247 }1330 | 10 
O77 1247 11333 | [aro 
Sc CE VO Wah’ | 


| oe 1050 ly 0d 
Ty HM" 20 

are ee 

{L033 | 


OAS. 5.. 

G3 | treo "| gay 

ET to of 

te tren ory eae 

Qod doo Het el 
[130 3 3 
I1q3 . ast 
1180 by oss 
33 Te 
A C3 (2 
[i053 ee 
(G3 jf 
WL] | ¥50 | 
1120 1000 | . 



c NOLES aan BiG rs et me ‘ os oueae Corfe JO loo yo Lod oa Yh ‘Hof? : 
‘ anrnaldelyy fale Troy 7 O to ww \ ’ a 

a oda t ees esas ae bed " : Igo 1393 1353 1270 1250 bane 
! : UGS J1377 [32S TR 1290 Ba] G0 ler 
: NBE Supe 1tz. Eyon at washed 3 tines  Y ae ene H Meet bare — Ageia oi! 
si "aven efehtans | were tote Kol. Wendt ; : 133. 4400 1333 1303 | 4s u 13ee | 150. | 
Hl ceed Olwsines, ad meld K mueehedtee et dred 4 F120 Hye 1933 1330 [ey fr39 | row | 

| . 

i O. Margie avd Teimp — Black 44000 an 

ped oeee oh SEI loll? 

hee ah cee e Tue thyCh—so0 de ‘ica terre " 
wet Ae nw 4 oi er acd: G pies 

1 Ws Ves ro oh wight ae “ile ‘\ Werkty hea, weatdy 

Bis 2 G6 — 

1080 1307 1233 21S 180 bos Le 
Hawn 1i33q | We | tH 424 | 

[1173 (307 47 11287 PWOS | ise qos 
Ifo. 1327 1333 11250 | Aloo wo ft 
i vated VALE | V5" g 4] 
150 [1363 1243 1200 [947 jens | ery | 
1150 {aay 1313 [1180 \o59 J, Neo “T¥¢0 | | 

\ay0 V303 | \tao ‘| toa | Wha | 1494 

“he e gia TF ucles wwede Bale ace: again 
Cant Y leuwra. thew ren oie 

1 PAK 2. LrOfd er N 
| carer Kole AT Come f Cane Grek, Wel sented to, tao Le n 
i dayred o> oe ot del wecotraacts tjediemnct wt Le. eke 

j fleets ie lne lg ae ate We ") 


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i oS : 
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in > pron Gon ree Wy CL. 4 \ ! 7 , poise ioe ee 
Joe, door ) 10 win Cone iely ce? cok aaa S146 sad \Oo7 377 1243 1067 S4Y, oud 644, Sah 

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34 ae f Ys, 2307 . 

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d a 
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(1267 447 
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1164 W410. 
1617) (1347 
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1163 14460 
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(43 17333 
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| \2HO | 1467 
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1133 956 
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| 67 -| oes 
[O2LO7 443 



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Notebook, N-08-12-07.1 

The only dated entry in this notebook is from December 1908. All entries 
are by Edison. The book contains notes and drawings regarding the 
preparation of nickel flake and the loading of the flake into the grids of storage 
battery cells. Some of the entries indicate the involvement of Walter N. Archer, 
George H. Hooper, Jr., and Charles Dally. Inserted into the book are 2 pages 
of notes by Edison. The front cover is labeled "Ent." The pages are 
unnumbered. Approximately 20 pages have been used. 

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Notebook, N-09-02-07 

The two entries in this notebook are dated February 7, 1908, and 
February 7, 1909. The first entry is probably misdated. The book contains notes 
by Edison regarding tests of various metals and minerals as possible 
replacements for sapphire in phonograph reproducers. The notebook is similar 
to N-09-02-24 and was probably used at Edison's laboratory in Fort Myers, 
Florida. The pages are unnumbered. Only 3 pages have been used. 

sa ee L ai peed chees. 

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Notebook, N-09-02-24 

The only dated entry in this notebook is from February 1909. The book 
contains one drawing by Edison of cylinder phonograph apparatus. A notation 
by Edison indicates that the book was used at his laboratory in Fort Myers, 
Florida. The pages are unnumbered. Only 2 pages have been used. 

Notebook, N-09-04-20.1 

This notebook covers the period April 1909-April 1910. All entries are by 
Edison. The book is the first of two books that contain notes regarding attempts 
to find a hard, non-celluloid material for use in phonograph cylinders. Included 
are entries pertaining to the use of shellac and various other compounds to 
produce a substance that could be molded but would also be durable enough 
to sustain more threads per inch on the cylinder. There are several notes 
indicating Edison's application of the experimental results to disc records. Many 
of the entries in this book are rough notes that were subsequently transcribed 
into N-09-04-20.2. The front cover is labeled "Solvents 1909." The pages are 
unnumbered. Approximately 30 pages have been used. 

= Viet oe GW Woeds er ee ne Pte te , 
a Qintieeaty: es howe. Tah ae iy et" ; 
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seo Ces WV LeRiely ol. wet tox eh a 
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Noy ta 


Notebook, N-09-04-20.2 

This notebook covers the period April 1909-August 1910. All entries 
are by Edison. The book is the second of two books that contain notes 
regarding attempts to find a hard, non-celluloid material for use in 
phonograph cylinders. Included are entries pertaining to the use of shellac 
and various other compounds to produce a substance that could be molded 
but would also be durable enough to sustain more threads per inch on the 
cylinder. There are several notes indicating Edison's application of the 
experimental results to disc records. Some of the entries in this book were 
transcribed from N-09-04-20.1. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 
80 pages have been used. 

Ce Ser acs tin oa adiuefonctory wmokenron¥ | 

er nnewtdong, Parone necarce a eae ial uate the 
fiend, wn Ge a Alake at : 
Nin Vaok ot approaches ula ae as 
Aron 00 To foow Vaneecks Qanw Gy asked pn mach af 
Show. Hh ond wshivila rho br ahe wot ween of 

ancy ahanduroes and 

ween Ye vaphur neprodusey, Mot oh olf have 
bdvacchion Frou 

erent ota miane Xo puns: of 

re mould, Krak will wat a Toufrearbhe x *HReakack 

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dawky fora _ ‘ so 

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ood, Pree orowe wrhvels Pew Nat Yo Oy aladeye 
Ss aenentle& frou \Ge Rane. ua Sak) § > eo 

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cporkows o Vee, Uneneeted Neate 

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Camo uark of tae woelted ackueat a To. 

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Mredon vad KS Gy chro ekurd Aanaky ene Shan heen 

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“eg here a hc Ke fe vretion all : 

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em uv. wot ayate a eanargat re onehh 

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Vinod 1s hond but. Sie niak bn Keo... 

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: +A One ali Oae en OAS Ceri fs, 
F ae Pen ean / VAR COR AWN ee orekic alle... 

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cuore ot Vow ae ennd cy anahenok uric hous | | 

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AS Camis. See Ae Wer 2 uw Ru Gad a Wek : i 
aN { 74 
and u iliben ; Vaced, rene ane seme bbb les of 

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 amohe, w. ee ghauung wa Htenbte) Tehps. aw. 
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he vachy GulKow wilh knrte Ny Qawne off ; 

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te \rakrenk &utow, Vv “Tow 

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Weak eo: of heme 

and Mane, 

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Feist ue Welfeck . Resoren. TA Sempre : 
Veen BY va thre. pind «157A Revove, >: 4 


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skeges — — tows “eampenatins, Cusmes. off. pate. 
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Notebook, N-09-07-13 

This notebook contains dated entries from 1909, 1914, and 1915. All 
entries are by Edison. The book consists of notes and drawings regarding tests 
of various chemical compounds for use in phonograph records. The earliest 
entries indicate that the experiments probably applied to both cylinder and disc 
records. Inserted into the book is one loose page by an unidentified 
experimenter pertaining to the use of benzene and hydrochloric acid. The front 
cover is labeled "Disc Records 1909." The pages are unnumbered. 
Approximately 50 pages have been used. 

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le ce. Hee: ——— lad 

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Very py hep Lee. io) 

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ek Dee on ib ak eee a 
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Lives Cotte whew Y Lott chu pita 
jp tretee LeORew rer ota ie. {i - ‘ 

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- Weer... HE 24 Gee steele é-¢ 

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sit ee &  Werah Ce ale. 

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. Ng eek ealiew, (ie coe? (Fame, i: 

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dati RLomauem, 16°C BP. cod 

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Fo" Be. john £ Lams 



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deel weed Weds 7 : ' ee TT Ne Ca dae eh ene 

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ee . 

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wie lat Ceelel — 4 

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wae acl deat ase aes eeene os doe ft aw V ewe : Cees at 1282 Fay 
ae) fa pevneanas Jt Yee eo nel 
Phew peek Mae 79 came ate 

| SSS es. 

poo ee er oe ee 
i 3 a . 5 

i : 
: - a : f ; : 
4 , * af . = ’ 
i : : £ ; : ; E 
ee ae ee ea me ee ee 
ie bogs ah Ath ] Rael anwar: . 
eg eRiiae EO es an ane OSEASS So ghes 8 ties IR AA late ten ype, | He 
BS ee oe eee ee 

rs} = 

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rere pass eiarce Pace woe rg 

a ae Ce eas, 

ap ey: es 

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Coe tas ors 
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fees 164 teewh | 

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$ 2 meetin, cs Leet af. AL. revel, om (en ee 
: ye Cree Ogre Be Cn een . » Mea. 4 

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ee eek 1 £6 pore oe 

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Bae Ba sninincan! -- herbs. o... Ge. elm, S 

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ci Se ee es 

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on if obinébacé. 6 lke Nick "ee ae oan 

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oo diarte- a Dae ‘aa el, he 

eben, mw 

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reepetrers CO. ut <Neted® 

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A aleslat : ee 

i a 

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Uonraceye ‘s oe eet bs 
c ade Soe Kak mde GL Bie Oe) ar 

pore cree 

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: ? di : + i She Varticees sees a6 Ene 
: 5% cha ew : oe wen aaa Ze or 

nce seg: ena =f ep x bua oD Satan. 

ec et eR eT A SE a eT 

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Sect gE fe c- a a ew | 

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acm ae e To clita ee — 

bake _ 

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a7 Soo bs Se, det = 2 

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she eG” nt beaks aod Vb pas : 




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. on Tea demers poet fanre Is Kp S04 — 
oes Kept A ise pict | aoe : 
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(Pe hye 2 tomate ne 

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— Ptwe A wre syne ath 

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NA feFlees., ofL—- Serwea otf DO 

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beaten, Uae Adore ee ae 

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tee + Toluas, toe calafealh 
(Pe coat Ue ite wat atime 
OD keto cools ie en ane 
2 | ee tif, Une webb Li a6 Mleolet 
Cn Gail “ete one he. 
| : bots hows, pe a yet 

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cea tone a amy en me 

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of roe s Level LOT, Gernalene % : 
: - Crew thet a ie oe Py Cae 

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ony latte | Lad Oe. 
Ane hat yen | 

ne 7 Besos oe Cate ti ioe — 

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age eee 
yet abore ae icy @ (40... 2i"\Vae i 
pane Get ey, q ef ut ou ie 7 il 
Atawst he nee facets Rak a 
(ane a 2G. conkoy A 

3 She Hat oe 


Pie ot nog Ae 

vdonepteyigreepemmagpeemg nnn Acer retarted fbemeemnnne ttt ptr tt tia avenge 

Gae Dak ee ae, ie 
Pers. Bas malig se Coe ée pee Ny 
UR i ee ha be w cenhey 

ttt sd well ko sate aad 

ot, eey bbe 7 ctlee from : - p 
sepetacen Sah Ee : e : 
Sco detelvon af Aaeuble ee 
baek ee 7 ot a : ; 
. ir wisales “ = valet ay “t... | 

a6? teks | biveerks OR i 
. ‘act eteokal Bartn: Onn. 
Pee rome 

nie es cepa “sell 0 f 
a Ceram, Leelee ‘ase sla: oF . ( 
| tthe Goud 4 coeny eh Rewetion Pl 

| ~ (eel ee mae 

eel Cone : Pres aie : 
wr ne te Yas. 38). | 
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vt: eigen Mis aeeasce tee, ss ions teas i 
| eet pen nsice = =| 
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conn Cul pe keheef e ane Maes f 

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Qincabtent Cae / “_ | 
om ae 16 

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fie es wr lbucen, oul oe ‘ 

relies. Conl. : 

Lue 1 3 : 
Se SSE ST? ge oes mee re 
= es Be § Sere 

Se Sea 
a tines ae ay tr ne ee a 

YF nuals tet ee Dae ie 
Renews, ae ha Ver Pads cae 
lee ba “bad or os 
4 to aera ee an 
oe “ath ae a “Lg Gr. 

RRNA: SCAR ERA Dear TCE ce ene et ony ec sntn nnn oa Sen pate sane atten 

ne on 

Quo. aera Unde’ Wee hen 

sca Reel mee cee ore ua fl 
‘ aD 

et acca en 

ke eae woe Cie bee Cabal 
A tere tbed EON (UN Elert CT Gatray Se a 
| eee cers ha Ua Bimal <e ae 


deca by and ahssece 
pet wa Cee yes. a 

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a a2 ATL, bs 
Che SANK: oy eee 9. 

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feta ee ce ae 

72 = MIS Hee pa a 
LIF X72 aca ¢ ce iy. 
ype Ces 0.0 “o ge cai 

Notebook, N-09-10-20 

This notebook covers the period October-December 1909. It contains 
notes and drawings by Alexander N. Pierman regarding phonograph recording 
apparatus. Several entries indicate that some of this work may have been 
performed at Edison's laboratory at Fort Myers, Florida. At the end of the book 
are phonograph drawings by Edison with the notation "Fortune teller—." 
Inserted into the book are notes and drawings by Edison, including instructions 
from Edison to Pierman regarding the experiments. The front cover is labeled 
"Phono Recording." The pages are unnumbered, and several pages have been 
removed from the beginning of the book. Approximately 30 pages have been 

i Eb (ft pa omg LPiaseen. aes ihe Aina} 

com alah. el ss Sj 

= — ~ BER 4 Dy ste 
ey se aa 

age git eee 

hoe ae 

pik. de> said ole ~ pee . Seas 

es he difhargon for Mik © ont os ene Ley 

ass _ { dest n of Eiit. yer Seite coon rr ape 
~ e wet i La) . 

! ; Bp nach gi x Batt Cl Baw Kourite, 

f - > is Pas dite, eee A ch, 7 ears aye oul... 

; - Sopcast ie : Cash tel an A ali he VOI coed eaLAG Cs 

fs . 
oe ACLU AW... eesl athe : aan POLLO. 

and. ables, oe (fe Hg lume 

og ee ae Pl -ecer/chy 

aoe. * Ie #2. ee 
ocviti iri. el ye 2, 

7 eet ‘eo — oe 


¢ . 

| ADE ect bh fo tit ot (Boge 

{ Prous ay A. collin sulin kacaed clorirnr, 
Ro AMAL 10. i DMEM ere Tet 

ac Borel seeps jit dish: wai ate, 

_—— : das “ull. cote ts 4 a wih. reTpews 

Ipute. 003 lemme 
Bork tr fy post Ie 
, a 

f\ Larner 
eae tet ie 

oat pod All Bike Z ars 



Mie te ; Cts ne Secptashettiectee see ms 
| Ve 3 he tel br Ate 4-840 

ap Yada — 


a eer on 
, an LyX 008 i Yee us ree 
ine petones Seach aves: Geter Me we Ais Ke CIC 

ree a 2 xe bk wea . pase ae alee ya ras s 

Tapestry Rae acelt  pceeattere ns ee ‘ ace GT 
tet igs Ty em arin, 
- io S Seema by) 


a ye ee ee: wessller sine Teace 
hot, weg Broa tpn, Aetilr york on st | 

(nt eee om nile Mie Pgs is) 

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ame lhe arenas 


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; [pase igh fiom np dolls A ick | j 

: ponte towd,, gerd. ee eae ee — 
{) mmo slags oh. Koted is Muck at Oangit 


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wot ALS 
we yet 

a, es aaa FER IY SN SS SSE TE el EP Rae pe 


Moonen = 
te fl ne 
Mitieic aed ey ate 

sae TR Re \ Ceut 
a hao’, (Ke 
bey on curlet 

pee ke oes Z ray aChe 

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fie = 
— a rae : Beers 



eee es, SOT T osnersoeenen at 
rn " Re eee 3 i 

wy er ane ~ 










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‘ OS 
_ 2 es 





Notebook, N-Undated.17 

This undated notebook was probably used sometime during the period 
1909-1910. It contains a log by Edison of storage battery cell tests. The book 
appears to be part of a test series, but the other books have not been 
identified. One of the entries indicates the involvement of Ignacy Goldstein. The 
front cover is marked "Regulars" and is labeled "1201 Reg 1334 Reg." The 
pages are unnumbered. Approximately 40 pages have been used. 

FSIS ISTE: Ne ies 
T46l |372B [ee fo 
7503 (F713 i fe 
SHS TZ [ued fk 
1655 BYLS ae eee ne 
"7547 13726 te, dealin, 
| 204 7 est 3727 ues | | 
| 185t 372 "ge | 
Ke 72% |3 Iq, at. ‘ 
7693 (3 30] 1162 
18% |3731 [ues | 
Tel 37 321077 
[est 13733 [[193 
1 625 a a | ug | 
Te ge Tuyy | 
hae 3736 
1951 737. ee eat 
_—") -b¢ sa 134116 ce 
7&7 aS ATT No. — |(220. i237 |: ] 
| 7 G30 OPTS tires |g fle finza | 6a 

ck oe of 
ae se, : 

Dane BHR eT 
co ttf SRE BOTS | LIPS. 
ae 36 a all Ife can 

rare 4 
la 4 ZUG 
— me Re 
I eM "] 
.. S12 Ke 

12.20 oy 

ALAN, Req 


13, ne 

= ras, aes 



7 533 
"1 436 
T 465 

a "5. I 


: # 



37°75 N63 a 








ad n7z3 

y ki oo 
1M bG 


Wo ag 

376 [loca ae 

Gris. | ce 
Bye ST ae 
3767 ae 
9768 [ae] 
Hy Nea foo 

ov ; 
1063 Nez ° ie 
ie e | 

| | 5763- {hs 
ita e "T 

1040 1063 


a ae | 

eee, ot 

34°76. 1120 
2777 - {0 
3778 4° 
379° |e. 
374 HO | 
13 {2 50 of 7 
nC: ei ian 

Hi go 37 

ae _ jiee rete 
a7 : ar NlaBee adats ages = | 
3746 53 tae. oe a pion adda Ueeetaba baal agian ce ; 
8 alae eee ee : = 
peal 1103, lee ~ 

» Ba. as ig 

} oe 

Re tre 
Ss- Salt bieG tea 

Ra (22S. ee 

Toa tah ot perenne eh eee TS ee 

Ra i249 Kea 
, ie 
Ra i230 ne 

gs i731 ke 


See ey a aa 

Bee Glaek fe 

as Ra al 
ents eae Cee sabes 



Oude sate bl ak in ye, 

— RO (232 Ree 








oe. 69 
- i al 
ats TP 

; el ae ate 

Baz4 tinop | | 


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1287 Jo, 


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26 253 eee ee 
$27 207 

S428 ue es 
3929 229 | 
iad | 


POE basses 

liao | 
ert | 
- |. on ee 

3934 NU eon ae eee 
e397 [8S] _ 

|1220 | 

| to9s | 
. loss 

ay Ra, 



‘|inéo |i 


o [ey Jets 

252 Al 

\227° HIO 

Los ys 


ee 1033 

oct |s73.) 
2. _  ¥ 

) Wes?e - 

1203, | 477 
We BT. 

\use BT 

wed 527 

520 ) 
fd |y2o WW 

40 50> |) eee 
"8 _ 




(270 | 
{!2¥.. 467 4 

1 (237. a r 

| 1220 


43936 1.06) |= fo 

__|ney p23 | Nay 1 

: oe at Ra rat - 

cal ee? a ee Hee 

oo aie rx | 483 en = as 

ne \ a = Fe ete Heute, & st Pesta tee ar oe 

Were A nai a ee ETE Zs a 

AG 12-36 Req - 1572. B40 | ay 
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Notebook, N-10-02-11 

This notebook covers the period February-April 1910. All entries are 
by Edison. It is the first of three books that contain notes and drawings 
regarding the development of phonograph recording and reproducing 
apparatus. A notation in the second book indicates that much of this work was 
conducted at Edison's laboratory at Fort Myers, Florida. In an entry dated 

April 9, 1910, Edison notes that "the talking is the clearest & best | have ever 
heard on the phonograph Bar none" and that "this is the Recorder par 

excellanc to work with—." Several entries indicate the involvement of 
Alexander N. Pierman and Frederick P. Ott. At the end of the book are cost 
calculations for storage batteries and for cement production. The front cover 
is marked "Phonograph No 1 Feb. Mch. April. 1910." The pages are 
unnumbered. Approximately 160 pages have been used. 


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ee re ee esa ge tel een 18 ee: 
ee ca eee ee reno h Grease gt fae 4S OE a 
i of a st a ae a Do 
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| i : : } i H i : : } : 
al { ! i i i i i : : H : ! B : : 
1S: i i. | ! A ! oe pS Mode 2 : : : i aaa 
su i : i : i H : i ! ‘ Poo : : 
‘ t i ‘ i 1 ‘ i 2 - < : 2 
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QO, Edison apers 



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